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Brainspotting Therapy

Patti Bee, M.S. - Psychotherapy & Counseling, Madison, WI

                                                                                          ​(608) 255-9119

. . . Extinguishes Emotional Trauma ~ Calms Nervous System

Patti Bee, M.S., LPC, NCC

IFS Therapist

Certified in Brainspotting


       I specialize iInternal Family Systems (IFS) and, when appropriate, combine Brainspotting in the therapy process. Both have years of case-based evidence as effective in treating anxiety, depression, addictions, and traumatic stress issues. Internal Family Systems is recognized as an Evidence-Based Practice in Mental Health. It is effective and gives you real results in psychotherapy and counseling.

       Internal Family Systems is Inner Parts work that unwinds the hidden nuances of traumatic events and adverse conditions, and Brainspotting can then, clear the issue on a biological level, right out of the nervous system. Both access the deep brain wiring in a way that really unpacks long standing issues.

       In this work the hidden conclusions & strategies of inner parts, will come to light. Some part of you (an inner part) has an agenda that can be very different than what you might think you already know about an issue. That is why recovery & real change can be so elusive and baffling. The reason the IFS Therapy Method really works is that the IFS Therapist has sophisticated training that guides the unwinding process, to a place of resolution. And all that is done in a way that is user-friendly for the client, as well as instills safety as we go, to contain difficult experiences. This way you get an effective method for unloading all those past hurts and traumas, and not just getting more great insights with little real change.

       It would probably make sense that if you already knew what you needed to know about an issue you wanted to heal, you would have already done it. But many people come to me reporting that insight alone did not help them transforms to real changes.

However, this work is not just more of the same cognitive insight work. It is mind- body work that connects the deep brain healing to the issue with a unique method that makes it more effective for lasting results.

       Once we discover that, and allow the inner parts to be validated and honored, in a very new and different way, they are willing to give up their unhealthy role in your inner psyche. We will discover the wonderful assets your inner parts bring to your life and find a new, healthy role for them. This process is how and why your inner parts can let go of difficult behaviors, thinking patterns, or unhealthy coping mechanisms, and true healing can then occur. 

     These sophisticated methods will lead you and guide you to unravel the unknown in a safe and yet effective way that honors your natural journey in a respectful way. Many of my clients have found healing with long standing issues, that they have spent years trying to find the right type of therapy that would work for them.

       I also welcome those who have never come to therapy before, as this work is an excellent choice for unraveling the unhealthy coping that you want to address and heal with highly effective therapy. This work is results oriented therapy that will transform your life and bring you healthy change.

       Brainspotting & IFS are both brain based methods that work with the subcortical brain area, which, many times, is at the root of anxiety, depression, the "fight / flight" response, and many other mental health issues. Both methods are also Mind Body Counseling approaches and Holistic Counseling models.

       Brainspotting, as well as IFS, have been known to relieve symptoms such as anxiety, compulsive behaviors, depression, eating issues, Traumatic Stress, inner conflicts, emotional trauma, or just emotional responses and fears that are hard to explain or understand.

My work is holistic therapy with a mind body therapy approach that is quite effective in transforming your life, your behaviors and your thinking patterns.

       I offer a FREE, 30 minute Phone Consult so that you can ask more questions to see how my work might help achieve your goals. This will also help me more fully understand your needs, so I can better answer your questions. I would be so honored to assist you in your process and I welcome your call.

~ Patti Bee, M.S., LPC, NCC

Personal Growth Issues 

Patti works with a variety of personal growth issues and mental health concerns:

* Anxiety

* Addiction

* Trauma/PTSD

Inner Child / Inner Parts work

Working with Dreams

• Emotional/Physical/Sexual Abuse

• Eating Issues

• Healing from Dysfunctional Family Patterns

• Stress Management

• Existential/Spiritual Issues

• Artistic/Creative Blocks

• Those having done years of work with few big results

• Results-oriented Psychotherapy Outcomes

• Sports/Performance Enhancement Blocks

• Complex Emotional Trauma

• Later Life Issues

• Depression

• Adults

• Alternative Spirituality Inclusion

• Gender Issues

• LGBTQ Concerns

• Women's Issues

• Domestic Violence

• Compelled Behaviors

• Old Attachment Wounds

• College/Graduate Student Mental Health

• Relationship Issues

• Communication Enhancement

• Life Transitions

• Grief/Loss

• Older Adults

• Effective Therapy Outcomes

View Videos: Brainspotting & IFS Resources

Patti Bee's Published Article:

FEATURE ARTICLE in Natural Awakenings Magazine, November 2014 Issue

Leading-edge Journal Article - A recent journal article lays out the Brain's Neurological Sequencing that happens when a person looks at a Brainspot, and how that heals emotional trauma. Here's the scientific journal ARTICLE , Brainspotting: Recruiting the midbrain for accessing and healing sensorimotor memories of traumatic activation. This paper details the theory developed by David Grand, the founder of Brainspotting, and Frank Corrigan, M.D.

If you are looking to find a therapist or a psychotherapist for Trauma Treatment or have past traumas that have been effecting your ability to be at your best, Brainspotting Psychotherapy & Counseling is a new approach. It is brain-based in scientific research, and yet, it allows for an even greater attunement between therapist and client in the healing process.

Many have been happily surprised by this because it can sound so scientific. The therapist has been trained to read cues and be tuned into the client in such a way whereby they ensure that the work is happening on a brain level, and not just on a "talk therapy" level. This opens the space for real healing. Many times clients report that they feel their therapist much more present for them in the therapy process. As your counselor, I will be tuned into you not only physically and emotionally in the room, I will also be attuned to your sub-cortical brain. This makes a brainspotting counselor a very different type of counselor indeed.

Inner Parts Work & Internal Family Systems

Patti's psychotherapy and counseling model also integrates Inner Parts Therapy that is based on Internal Family Systems (IFS) work. Over the years Patti has worked with two other models of Inner Parts Work before discovering Internal Family Systems, which has given her 20 years of experience working with Inner Parts Work. As a psychotherapist, Patti now combines her years of experience in Inner Parts Work with Brainspotting, a biological, mind/body method that can resolve emotional trauma* and release emotional pain in a very unique and effective way.

Patti is an IFS Counselor who has done Inner Parts work with clients for 23 years. She has incorporated IFS Counseling the past 5 years of that time. Before that she was a healer & a life coach, using other models of parts work. Now, she is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and fully trained in the IFS system of inner parts counseling.

Here's what others are saying about this work:

Internal Family Systems work (or Inner Parts Work) is excellent for getting to the hidden nuances of emotional trauma, and then Brainspotting extinguishes that trauma right out of the nervous system.

Therapeutic Energy Field Skills Training

Patti is a psychotherapist who is also the Founder of the Madison Psychic Institute. She has been a Psychic Clairvoyant and Healer for 20 years.

Patti integrates her years as a healer into her work through her keen level of intuitive empathy with her clients. And when appropriate, she teaches her psychotherapy clients Energy Field Exercises that can greatly enhance the therapeutic process & healing.


Patti Bee is a psychotherapist, specializing in Brainspotting, a leading-edge, brain-science-based psychotherapy. In Brainspotting, a client gazes on a spot in their field of vision, which correlates to a traumatic event, that the therapist helps them find. This gazing at the Brainspot allows the brain to tell the body the person is safe. Then, what got wired and stuck in the brain during a traumatic event, can be rewired and process out. The neuro-pathways that have had the person stuck in difficult responses (due to the trauma) are then extinguished.

Brainspotting Psychotherapy & Counseling, in Madison, Wisconsin, is the private psychotherapy practice of Patti Bee, M.S., LPC, NCC. In her psychotherapy, practice Patti uses Brainspotting in her mental health counseling of trauma issues. Counseling trauma is assisted on a brain level in the Brainspotting modality. Patti Bee also integrates psychic self-clearing exercises with Internal Family systems work to treat trauma and Post Traumatic Stress. If you are looking for a therapist to treat trauma, Brainsptting Psychotherapy & Counseling is an effective option. For those with post traumatic stress, body-based therapies are crucial in finding the right mix of what might work. Patti Bee welcomes you to Brainspotting Psychotherapy & Counseling.

Dreams & Dreamwork - Many times I am asked how dreams and dreamwork enter into the therapy process. Patti likes to use exercises developed by Robert Moss, from his Active Dreaming. This is a very good fit for working in the Brainspotting Model as well as in the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model. Patti background in Shamanism & her Professional Psychic training have given her a base knowledge of symbols and metaphor, and how to respectfully work with dreams in the psychotherapy process. Patti likes to use your dreams in dreamwork by allowing you the space to report your dreams and then asking you powerful dream extracting questions and then helping you relate it to your current issues, life, and how the dream is speaking to you. She does not interpret your dreams, but helps you with dreamwork that pulls your own power out of the dream and enhances the dreamwork in that way. 

* Brainspotting is not claimed on this website to be an evidence-based practice. The first Brain Scan Research on the effectiveness of Brainspotting is in progress in several locations around the globe. The content here in this website is not intended to promise nor imply any promise of results in the services provided. Counseling and/or Psychotherapy varies greatly between individuals. Claims made on this site are of what has been noticed and reported by individuals in individual cases.*