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Brainspotting Therapy

Patti Bee, M.S. - Psychotherapy & Counseling, Madison, WI

                                                                                          ‚Äč(608) 255-9119

. . . Extinguishes Emotional Trauma ~ Calms Nervous System

Anxiety Counseling Madison WI

Patti Bee, M.S., LPC, NCC is Certified in Brainspotting which is an effective Anxiety Counseling approach. She also integrates the IFS Inner Parts Therapy Appoach in her treatment of Anxiety. Inner Parts work is based in the Internal Family Systems way of doing counseling, and is known to work well for those who are anxious, have anxiety issues or even for those who have an Anxiety Disorder Diagnosis.

What's next?

Brainspotting - read more of how it releases Anxiety out of the deep brain and nervous system.

Internal Family Systems (IFS), Inner Parts Work - read more on how your Inner Parts effect your beliefs and compelled thoughts that are at the heart of anxious feelings.

Watch a Disney Pixar Movie Trailer - that depicts the Inner Parts concept

Contact Patti Bee, M.S., LPC, NCC - for a FREE, 30 minute Phone Consult to answer all your questions.

Many times if you try to find a counselor, you will want to first have a free session so that you can determine if the person is the right counselor for your. Patti Bee offers a FREE, 30 minute phone consult. Please call Patti today to explore counseling with her and find out if she is the right fit for your counseling needs.

"I would be so happy to help you, and be your anxiety counselor, supporting you through your healing process."

~ Patti Bee