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Brainspotting Therapy

Patti Bee, M.S. - Psychotherapy & Counseling, Madison, WI

                                                                                          ‚Äč(608) 255-9119

. . . Extinguishes Emotional Trauma ~ Calms Nervous System

Patti Bee,MS, LPC, NCC

       Certified in Brainspotting

Patti has completed all of the requirements for the Certified Brainspotting Therapist, and she was recently Certified through David Grand, PhD.; the Founder of Brainspotting. She is also a member of the Midwest Brainspotting Institute that was founded here in Wisconsin in 2014. Patti is one of the first psychotherapists practicing in Madison, Wisconsin to become Certified in Brainspotting.

More About Brainspotting

Brainspotting is a leading-edge trauma resolution therapy that holds the possibility of releasing psychological trauma by working with a place in the body and in the brain, where a trauma is held. The therapist finds a "spot" in the client's field of vision. The client continually looks at this "spot" in the session. This spot is gazed upon until the issue decreases.

The brainspot correlates to a safe place within the client's brain and nervous system, and aids in keeping the client calm as they bring up difficult material. This way some or all of the distressing issue can be processed out without re-traumatizing the person, or sending them into the "fight or flight" anxiety. Looking at the Brainspot, the brain knows it is safe, and the usual survival terror can not take hold. This is such a better outcome in mental health counseling for dealing with traumatic material.* The client does not have to even go into all the gory details of a trauma for Brainspotting to work. For this reason, it is a very effective psychotherapy treatment for Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD).

Brainspotting also uses the felt-sense in the body, to scan the body, which helps the psychotherapist assist the client in finding the brainspot. This mind/body integration helps enlists the clients own inner healer in the process.

Patti Bee is a psychotherapist who integrates Brainspotting with Inner Parts Therapy, which is based on Internal Family Systems. Internal Family Systems has been around for 30 years, and there is much case-based evidence of it's effective as a therapy model for trauma as well as for mental health counseling. In Inner Parts Therapy, we give voice to inner parts of the person. This will actually help us find the more subtle nuances of traumatic material that can stay very hidden. And then, once we have found those, we have rich material to use in the actual Brainspotting, which can then extinguish the emotional trauma right out of the nervous system.

It may sound very scientific and yet, this a psychotherapy method where the psychotherapist is dually attuned to the client. The client's brain knows that the psychotherapist has found a spot where the survival terror centers of the brain can then feel safe. That in itself is a pretty profound attunement between the client and psychotherapist. And then also, the client can sense the focused attending that the psychotherapist is giving during the session, ensuring that the client moves through the process effectively.

David Grand, Phd, is the Founder of Brainspotting, has developed the model the past 10 years. Lisa Schwarz, M.Ed., is the Co-Developer of Brainspotting. She took what David Grand discovered and also developed Resource Brainspotting and Attachment & Dissociation Brainspotting.

The first research results will be published soon reporting the positive efficacy of Brainspotting for the treatment of PTSD. Please call Patti Bee for more details on this article and it's exact publication date.

As your counsellor, Patti would like you to know that Brainspotting is a process where you don't talk as much i there therapy session. This is because we are allowing the deep (sub-cortical) brain to "do it's thing" and continual conversation actually can interrupt this and put a person more up in there thinking and learning areas of the brain. And, it is not as if you don't get to say anything at all. You will report what is happening as we do. For some this might not be as satisfying and for others, to have anxiety extinguished out of their nervous system, it is worth it.

If you would like more of a dialogue with amazing counseling results such as in Brainspotting counseling, you may very much like to try the IFS Therapy that I am trained in. This is the inner parts work and is just as effective. It has been compared to dreamwork, but is not quite the same. You can easily do dream work with IFS here in Madison WI. Your dreams are many times informing you about the inner parts that we access in a semi-hyponogogic state, or dream-like visualizations used in the IFS process. This is a way that Patti brings a more holistic approach to psychotherapy. She is a holistic counselor and also a mind body counselor. Patti does mind body therapy as well and holistic therapy.

Patti Bee is a psychotherapist that can help you with Anxiety, Depression, Traumatic Stress, PTSD, and many other mental health counseling issues. As a psychotherapist she combines her years of healer training and psychic development with Brainspotting, Internal Family Systems, IFS, and mental health counseling. She is hoping that as you look to find a therapist you will consider Patti as your psychotherapist on your healing journey.

* Brainspotting is not claimed on this website to be an evidence-based practice. The first Brain Scan Research on the effectiveness of Brainspotting is in progress in several locations around the globe. The content here in this website is not intended to promise nor imply any promise of results in the services provided. Counseling and/or Psychotherapy varies greatly between individuals. Claims made on this site are of what has been noticed and reported by individuals in individual cases.*