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Brainspotting Therapy

Patti Bee, M.S. - Psychotherapy & Counseling, Madison, WI

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. . . Extinguishes Emotional Trauma ~ Calms Nervous System

Couples Counseling

     Welcome to Internal Family Systems (IFS) Inner Parts Therapy for Couples Counseling here in Madison, Wisconsin at Psychology Associates, LLP.

Patti Bee does Couples Counseling, using IFS, or the Internal Family SystIn Couples Counseling, in the IFS Therapy Approach, Patti works to help each partner communicate in the session from a place of self-leadership. This is done by finding and focusing on, our inner parts. Usually first we have to find the parts that get in the way of self-leadership. And what is self leadership you might be saying? Here are a few qualities that Patti can help couples find to enrich and heal your relationship:

  • Compassion when your partner is triggered
  • Enough Care that you want to be Considerate
  • Ability to recognize an offered Repair
  • Ability to receive an offered Repair
  • Generosity with offering Kindness to your Partner
  • Courage to be Kind, Generous, & Caring
  • Ability to turn towards each other instead of away
  • Commitment to get to know each other's world
  • Commitment to nurture fondness
  • How to offer Curiosity instead of Criticism
  • Creative ways to care for one another
  • How to be the Primary Caretaker of your own Inner Parts
  • How to allow your partner to be the Secondary Caretaker of your Inner Parts & receive that
  • How to allow your partner to learn to do the same

     Inner Parts Therapy for Couples, is an effective model for bringing a couple back to the behaviors that really make a relationship rewarding. And it does that from the Inside Out! You both really can find more kindness, care, and consideration for the other. It really is possible to learn again to honor your partner, when the hidden inner parts that have been the holding burdens of outdated beliefs and wounds, are healed and transformed.

     Couples Therapy in IFS Therapy is a process whereby both partners do individual work in the presence of one another. This enhances the compassion for each other, as well and teaches a living workable model for coming from Self Leadership in your communication and interactions.

     This type of Couples Counseling gets the best results when a couple comes to therapy weekly. The pattern of Couples Counseling can vary though. You may both come two times a month and the other two times the couples therapy is about your individual work so that you can bring that to the next session you have together as a couple.

For more information please call Patti Bee for a FREE, 30 minute, Couples Counseling Phone Consult.

Watch the Disney Pixar Movie Trailer, Inside Out, that depicts the Inner Parts concept used in IFS Couples Therapy. This is not IFS Therapy that you are watching, just the concept of inner parts. It also depicts what it can be like when our inner parts get us into trouble. It's also very funny, and pertinent to couples issues.