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Brainspotting Therapy

Patti Bee, M.S. - Psychotherapy & Counseling, Madison, WI

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. . . Extinguishes Emotional Trauma ~ Calms Nervous System

Inner Parts Therapy

After 20 years of using inner parts work, based on other systems, Patti was delighted to discover the therapy world had their own system: the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model. Patti has trained in the IFS Model which works incredibly well with Brainspotting.

Watch a Movie Trailer depicting the Inner Parts concept

IFS, or Inner Parts Work, is a way to discover all of your inner sub-personalities. It is a non-pathologizing model that considers an inner group of parts as a normal state of the psyche. Parts are given a personification for the purpose of giving a voice to different emotions, thoughts, body sensations, or mind concepts. Many times these parts are holding us back, creating conflicted behaviors, or unwanted outcomes in our lives. Inner Parts work is really great for freeing that all up.

Previous to discovering the Internal Family Systems model of parts work, Patti used Inner Parts Work, and Shadow Parts Work in her healing practice as a Shamanic Healer, doing Soul Retrieval Work; and also in her Life Coaching Private Practice. Email Patti Bee.

More about IFS Therapy & Inner Parts Work

In therapy, discovering how you think, feel, or act in your life, in reference to an issue you want to work on, will take on a new dimension. Through this, we will find inner parts and then have focused "discussions" with the inner part so that you can develop Self Energy. Self Energy is your ability to heal & mentor inner parts that are stuck in the past. No need to worry if you feel you can't do that yet. My role is to guide you and assist you along the way.

By respecting the motives of Inner Parts and by validating their perspectives you will be able to gain valuable information about your own inner process, in very different ways, and this is what is so astounding to clients in IFS Inner Parts Therapy. The difference it makes in opening up and resolving old issues.

The process stems from a very simple concept and yet the therapists work to be a parts detector and guide you is complex and sophisticated. That is what makes is effective.

Inner Parts, usually from long ago, develop strategies that are based on extreme circumstances that you experienced, many times in your past. And it could also be more recent. Those parts came to some conclusions that they thought would help you, and then came up with ways of being or thinking, again, with a good intent, thinking they were helping the whole system of you.

However, these strategies were usually developed with limited information. Think of a a 4 year old's knowledge of the world and using that to be the CEO of a large company. Many times in a person's life, as time goes by, the outdated strategy becomes generalized to other areas in their life, pretty buried, and kind of "invisible." And this usually shows up as behaviors, or coping methods that create negative or unwanted outcomes.

Our work together will be to unpack the intricately woven perspectives of inner parts, so that they can find a more positive role to play in your life. And you will discover their positive gifts & talents which they have been holding for you, sometimes for many years. All of which, will help inner parts to resolve their tight hold on the thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that you experience as difficult or conflicted. And this is what helps you make significant movement forward in your life.

It can sound like just simple inner child work. This is so much more. Patti Bee is able to be thorough and find the complexities of your inner system in the counselling process. This refined and in depth work has been known to to be effective for anxiety, depression, traumatic stress, compelled behaviors, and other mental health issues. In a recent study, IFS Therapy was shown to be effective for relieving arthritis.

I will be your guide and counsellor, helping you to build Self Energy for the Self-Leadership which is needed to do all of this.

This work is rich, and deep, and can be very rewarding.

Email Patti Bee

The process of Inner Parts work is very much like a lucid dream and it has been compared to Dream Work. Bringing your dreams to the therapy room is very much welcomed and Patti Bee has had Shamanism training that informs the psychotherapy process and guides you to more fully transform. The inner part work is one way that Patti brings a more holistic approach to the therapy process. She is a mind body counselor with years of experience in the mind body arena. Her holistic therapy is very effective at healing the client in both mind and body.

Inner Parts Therapy is very familiar once a person is asked to describe themselves, and just basic likes and dislikes. They can easily relate to the idea and how different inner parts can have conflicting views or ideas.

The fact that we have inner parts is not problematic. Inner Parts Therapy is not a pathological model. When one or several parts are "running the show" in a person's life, this is usually very obvious to the person, as they are not happy with their outcomes in their life. However, changing compulsive behaviors and/ or difficult inner conflicts and feelings, has usually not been obvious to the person. Herein lies the amazing value of doing Inner Parts Therapy.

The goal of Inner Parts Therapy is to get to the deeper reasons of why the parts have taken on extreme roles, which have produced extreme feelings and behaviors. And, also to discover what these parts need so that they can let go of their extreme roles and find a healthy role in the person's life.

In Inner Parts Therapy, I guide my clients to unwind all the inner dynamics between parts, and help them become the self-leader, which really is buried deep within them.

We will work to unwind the hidden nuances of emotional trauma or adverse life events. We will be cultivating a new role for each part which brings about more self-trust, self-care, and more self-compassion. When those qualities begin to emerge in our work together, there is so much possibility for tangible new behaviors in your life. And all of this is done at the pace of your inner parts, respectfully and with their permission. They don't have to change until they see a benefit to their own perspective.

Inner Parts work can be very useful in working with old patterns of anxiety, addictions, depression, compulsive behaviors, traumas, other adverse life events, and many other mental health issues.