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Brainspotting Therapy

Patti Bee, M.S. - Psychotherapy & Counseling, Madison, WI

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. . . Extinguishes Emotional Trauma ~ Calms Nervous System

      Inner Parts Concept used by IFS

Therapists is depicted in a new movie,

Inside Out

by Disney/Pixar, Coming in June 2015

     This new movie, Inside Out, depicts the concept of having an inner dialogue with your Inner Parts. In the Internal Family Systems Approach to therapy, which Patti Bee has been trained in, this dialogue is the main tool used as a powerful way to resolve inner conflicts that can be at the root of old stuck trauma, compelled behaviors, anxiety, depression and many other mental health issues.

     The movie trailer is not depicting IFS Therapy. It visually displays what it is like to have an inner dialogue with your inner parts and some of the problems that can happen in life when that dialogue is not optimal.

Watching the Inside Out Movie Trailer will give you a feel for inner parts dialogue and if you can relate to it or not. Enjoy! It's also really funny.

     Read more about IFS Therapy .

If you are looking for an Inside Out Therapist, you would be actually looking for an IFS therapist. Inner Parts Work, or famously known as Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a therapy model that is very similar to the upcoming Disney Pixar Cartoon Movie, Inside Out. This movie does not depict IFS, Inner Parts Therapy per se, but it does give a very good visual of how our Inner Parts think and act, and how they run our lives sometimes.

Patti Bee specialize in the Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) which is the closest thing to finding an Inside Out Therapist. This therapy is Inner Parts Therapy and it deals with the inner parts of our selves that get in the way, as depicted in the Inside Out Movie. We are not called Inside Out Therapists per se, and yet people are looking for these Inside Out Therapists, due to the movie trailer and upcoming Inside Out Movie by Disney Pixar, will find that IFS, inner parts work is what they are looking for if they are searching for an Inside Out Therapist on google.

This Movie, coming out in June of 2015, from Disney Pixar, is a great visual enactment of what can happen from the inside out, in our psyche, and how that can effect the outcomes in our relationships in our outside world. It displays how Inner Parts Therapy could be of use when we are having upsets from the Inside Out.

The Inside Out Movie, is not a therapy modality, it is just a way to see it up on the big screen and displays how our psyche's work from the Inside Out. Therapists that do Internal Family Systems work, IFS,

and other types of Inner Parts Work, could affectionately be referred to as Inside Out Therap